Horse Barns & Stables

Whether your horses are for hobby or business, Lester can build your personal vision. But we go way beyond just erecting a barn or stable. We build to the practical, aesthetical and emotional nuances of the equestrian lifestyle. We build to your passion. Above all, we strive to provide the safest environment possible for your family (two-legged and four-legged!).

Count on Lester for any customized combination of horse barns, stalls, shelters, riding arenas, viewing rooms, and adjacent living quarters.
Horse Barns - Commercial Stable and Arenas
Horse Barns - Personal Stables
Horse Barns - Run-In Shelters
Commercial Stables & Arenas
Personal Stables
Run-In Shelters
Horse Barns - Wash Bays & Stall Mats
Horse Barns - Tack Rooms
Horse Barns - Arenas & Viewing Rooms
Wash Bays & Stall Mats
Tack Rooms
Arenas & Viewing Rooms
Horse Barns - Stalls
Horse Barns - Tack Rack System
Horse Barns - Living Quarters
Tack Rack System
Living Quarters
“In the process of designing our horse barn and workshop, the Lester dealer came to our house several times to ensure we understood our options. He gave us valuable advice, while enabling us to stay within our budget. We were extremely impressed with our dealer’s knowledge and Lester’s overall product.”   
Phil & Karen H. - Ellsworth, WI
Safe Horse Stalls
  • Safety is #1: Lester’s own line of safety-tested, specialty hose stalls, stall doors, dutch doors and sliding doors maximize safety, durability and beauty
  • Elegant: fully color-coordinated components, artful design and craftsmanship convey your style
  • Comfortable: well-lit, ventilated, heated spaces for horses, owners, riders and staff
  • Functional: practical, intuitive designs for now and in the future
  • Flexible: endless options in exterior and interior features