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New Power Pivot™ Door

February 13, 2012


Hydraulic Door is First Single-Panel Door Engineered to Meet Wind Loads

Big ag machinery requires big storage. But you have to clear the door first.  Lester Building Systems has solved the problem with the introduction of its new Power Pivot single-panel door system. 

PowerPivot LogoTargeted to the agricultural market, the door opens out past horizontal, so no head room is wasted during entry and exit. An added plus:  For the first time, owners can buy their building, doors and windows from a single supplier. Lester’s fully integrated approach means cost savings and smoother function in the long run.

Larry Lembrich, Lester’s senior vice president of sales, said the Power Pivot door offers farm owners big benefits – and the ag industry a series of “firsts.”

“We’ve designed the Power Pivot door to meet the building’s wind and snow loads. With other suppliers, the door is either over or under engineered by an outside vendor.”

Door sizes range from 12 to 60 feet wide by 12 to 24 feet high. Each is assembled on-site to reduce shipping and freight costs. Extra features: maximum energy efficiency, a clean look, and the industry’s strongest structural warranty.

Download the Power Pivot Flyer