Fun and unique buildings!

At Lester Buildings, we’ve created some amazing, unique buildings! Today we’ll share some of these buildings with you and give you a peek into the types of projects that have stood out for us. There have been many over the years, but here are a few of our favorites.

1. The largest Lester Building to date – a Dairy Freestall Barn
This massive dairy building is the largest post-frame building we’ve built to date. It covers nearly 19 acres and is home to 8,500 cows – all under one roof. It’s an astounding operation and we have been honored to build several like this. With 1.6 million square feet of concrete, 556 rafters and a freestall that spans a quarter of a mile, this building still has us talking long after its completion.

Meadowstar Dairy
Meadowstar Dairy
608’8″ x 1345′ x 17’8″
Pennock, MN

2. Wedding Venues
Many of our buildings serve several purposes, including hosting weddings. Rustic barn wedding venues are sought after for today’s brides-to-be. Whether it’s at your parent’s newly-built pole barn or at a dedicated wedding venue, a Lester Building can accommodate all types of weddings.

Round Barn Farm
Round Barn Weddings LLC
50′ x 104′ x 11′
Who knew simple could be so chic?

Barnes WeddingBarnes Place
40′ x 100′ x 19′
Weathered wood and steel give the exterior a rustic vibe.

Bella Sala Bridal
Bella Sala Event Center & XOXO Bridal Boutique
70′ x 150′ x 18′
Here brides can buy their gown and plan their reception.

3. Car Condominiums
For motorsports enthusiasts who have outgrown their garage, they are opting to buy a car condominium where they can have more space for their tinkering, socialize with other gearheads and have a living space for entertaining. Car condominiums have been growing in popularity since the early 2000s. Some share walls with other condos; others are individual buildings. One thing they have in common – they are decked out!

Garage Solution
Garage Solution Condominiums
Sizes vary
This condo is designed to look like a log cabin.

Autobahn Car Condo
Autobahn Country Club
60′ x 80′ x 18′
This oversized porch overlooks the race track on site.

4. Residential
From year-round homes to weekend getaways, we build them all. Our residential buildings are versatile with open floor plans and limitless custom options. They go up faster than traditional construction and they easy to insulate, making them energy efficient. Like all of our buildings, our homes are backed by a Lifetime Structural Warranty because they are engineered and built to last.

Weekend Getaway
Weekend Getaway
34’6″ x 104′ x 10’2″
Open floor plan

Full-time Residence
40’ x 60’ x 16’
Inviting porch along the front side of the house

Unique Cabin
Unique cabin
60′ x 24′ x 14′
From the outside, you’d never know this tree-house inspired design is inside!

5. Wineries
Wineries are as unique as the wines they produce. From full glass overhead doors, to inviting custom wood doors, every winery we build has its own personality and style.

Laurentia Vineyard & Winery
Laurentia Vineyard & Winery
48′ x 100′ x 16′
Pre-rusted Corten steel is featured on the roof with reclaimed snow fencing for the walls.

Fergedaboudit Winery.jpg
Fergedaboudit Winery
30′ x 24′ x 11′
Small, but packed with style

Browse our gallery to find your inspiration
Whether you have an idea of what you want your project to be or you simply want to explore what’s possible, our photo gallery is a great place to start. Hop over and take a look, and use the projects we’ve already created to design your own. We know you’ll love what you find in our gallery, and we’d love the chance to talk to you about the special project we can build together.