Things to Consider When Choosing Your Horse Barn Building Company

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when you’re contemplating a builder for a new horse barn. In fact, it’s hard to believe that anyone would consider such an investment without first seeing standing proof of a builder’s workmanship and experience. Here’s what to look for in a builder’s equine portfolio.

Experience and Variety

A reputable building company knows that seeing is believing. Look for a builder whose portfolio shows a variety of equine projects. Each should display the same level of quality, regardless of size or function. Lester Buildings took this to heart when redesigning its website a few years ago. The site now provides an extensive online photo library of real Lester Buildings of all types and sizes, including horse barns, riding arenas, and those with attached living quarters.

“It’s a great place to showcase our company’s experience building equine structures around the country,” said Stephanie Beste, Marketing Manager with Lester. “Horse people are passionate about their animals, and they expect the best in safety and quality whether they’re building a single-stall stable or large commercial riding arena.”


Don’t settle for a builder that’s limited to the proverbial napkin sketch. Equine owners typically want to customize their structures to the specifics of their lifestyle, climate, horse breed(s), aesthetical preferences – you name it. A good builder should have the ability to confidently design and deliver your vision on time and within budget.

“There are almost no limits to how we can customize our equine buildings. Our site provides great inspiration and design ideas for horse owners,” Beste added. Lester’s site lets viewers sort project photos by building use, geographic location (state), color and project number. Clicking on a photo reveals deeper details, such as town/state, dimensions, special features and more. If viewers want to venture into pricing, they’re just a click away from eBuildings, Lester’s online pricing tool.

Builder Longevity and Warranty

Don’t hesitate to ask questions. For starters:  How long has the building company been in business? You want a builder who will be around for the long haul if problems arise or you want to expand in the future. Does the builder offer a lifetime structural design warranty? Don’t commit to a builder who doesn’t. Also ask if the builder knows local residential and commercial codes, in case you what to attach living quarters at some point.


A good builder should have no shortage of references. Ask for contacts who can comment on recent equine projects, as well as past, where after service was needed.

To learn more about Lester Buildings and see its library of equestrian buildings, including those in your area, visit