Pole Barn Site Preparation

Avoid Common Pitfalls That Could Add Cost

Your new pole barn will be a vital piece of your operation, and there’s a significant financial investment attached to it. While quality workmanship and materials are certainly something worth paying for, the last thing you want to do is waste money on unnecessary costs.

We understand that, so we’re providing you with a guide you can follow in your pole barn site prep to avoid unnecessary costs and ensure your new pole barn is built as efficiently as possible.

Finding the Best Location

Site PreparationJust like in real estate, the spot where your pole barn will sit is all about location, location, location. What does that mean? You are looking at location as it pertains to accessibility for your operation; but your builder will look at location as it pertains to ease of construction in the project and the overall longevity of the pole barn.

Drainage solutions are one of the most important things to consider when looking for the right location for your pole barn, and an area located on a crown is best. You’ll also want a large, flat area for your pole barn’s location. This doesn’t mean it is impossible to build on a location that isn’t level; however, it could be more expensive to do so. Finally, in addition to considering the ground itself, you also need to consider what is located — or hangs — around it. Power lines, utilities and other such items on your property will hinder the crew’s ability to work on the project and could make your pole barn more expensive than it needs to be.

Sufficient Space Requirements

We talked a little bit above about what it means to have sufficient space for your project; now let’s drill down to specifics. Optimally your building pad should have a clearance of 10 feet or more around the building perimeter that is free of obstruction. This allows sufficient room for your builders to bring ladders and large equipment around your pole barn. A space that does not allow for this open area will make the project more difficult and could end up costing you more in upcharges, depending on the contract between you and your builder.

Bad site
Poor building site: there is not 10 feet of level ground around the building pad.

Proper Site Access

Unloading Trusses
Proper site preparation isn’t the only way you can ward against upcharges for your pole barn project. You can also make the job easier for your builders by making sure they have proper site access. A gravel driveway — class 5 is optimal — allows builders to bring in the large machinery they need for your project. If your driveway is long and falls below these specifications, it could result in unexpected costs.

In addition to the quality of your driveway, the width is also a consideration. Your pole barn builders will need to bring large equipment and materials back to the level building site and if the driveway is too narrow for them to do so, they may have to utilize smaller truck or trailer options, which could add to your costs.

Finally, if your project will be finished during the winter or your area falls victim to an early snowfall, see that the driveway is clear for the team to enter. Trudging through snow will make it difficult for your builders to finish your project on time. In fact, maintaining access to the project in ALL weather conditions is critical to finishing on time and on budget.

Safety and Other Hazard Awareness

This one is vital for any project. Your builders need to know not only what is around them as they begin your project but what is beneath them. Power lines are the greatest danger here so make sure everything in the build site area is marked. Your builders will do underground checks to the meter but it’s up to you to see that everything else is accounted for before the project begins.

Once the area is marked you can prepare the area for the project by removing large rocks and tree roots that could obstruct the construction. A good excavator will handle this task in a flash and save you the added costs of your builder handling this work.

Get Your Questions Answered Ahead of Time

If you have any questions about the topics mentioned above or are curious what other things could impact your pole barn project, consulting with your salesperson is a great time to get those answered. Your salesperson can walk you through each stage of the project and let you know exactly what will happen. We will deliver the best possible result so you can keep running your operation until your new pole barn building is ready to support your goals.

To learn more about prepping your pole barn site and how solutions from Lester Building Systems can support your operation, contact us today.