Project #313539

| Senoia, GA
Senoia, GA, Ag, Horse, Jordan Building Construction LLC, Lester Buildings

Project Details

End Use: Equestrian, Farm & Ranch, Residential
Building Type: Ag Storage/Shop
Feature: Cupola
Dealer / Rep: Jordan Building Construction, LLC
Project #: 313539
Notes: This multi-use bulding is a 36'x48'x10' with a 48'x12' porch. The interior is designed for a small living area, one horse stall, and equipment shop/storage. Building features: Lester split dutch door, one walk door, 36' cupola, Signasture Lester split sliding door, and a standard Lester split sliding door.
Dimensions: 36' x 48' x 10'
Primary Color: Clay
Secondary Color: Antique Brown
Floor Plan: 313539.pdf