Become a Dealer

If you are a professional builder, and want to develop a long-term partnership, we'd like to know more about you.

Lester Building Systems is not your typical post-frame building company. First and foremost, our building systems are renowned for their quality. Second, we empower our dealers with the tools to provide the fastest, most flexible and enjoyable customer experience.

Requirements of an Independent Lester Buildings Dealer:

  • Dealer must build in accordance to Lester Buildings' specifications.
  • Dealer must not sell or build any other structures deemed to be competitive to Lester Buildings.
  • Dealer must actively market and sell Lester Buildings using the sales and marketing tools Lester Buildings provides.
  • Dealer must employ sales personnel who are computer proficient.

Top 10 Benefits of Partnering with Lester Buildings:

If you're familiar with the Lester brand, you know that thousands of Lester structures dot the U.S. landscape. You know about Lester's legacy of quality, structural integrity and long-term value. If we're new to you, keep reading! 

Beyond our buildings, here are some things that truly differentiate a Lester Buildings dealership from the pack:

1. Groundbreaking, Customer-Focused Design and Pricing

Improv®, Lester's design and pricing software, is unlike any other. It provides accurate, on-demand building design, engineering and pricing. While other companies may tout "fast" turnaround, Improv is the only software that can do it in the time it takes to enter specifications.


But that's not all. Improv also produces professional, exact floor plan, elevation and 3D drawings that oftentimes can be immediately used for permit purposes.

More important, Improv provides the power of laptop mobility. It allows Lester builders to uniquely present the industry's fastest, most interactive and professional building buying experience in the comfort of your home, office, or wherever it's most convenient. Improv puts an end, for the most part, to the old days of designing buildings on paper and waiting days, weeks, or longer for drawings and firm pricing.

If you're looking for a tool that provides indisputable credibility and professionalism with a nod to customer service, Improv is it. It is your single best marketing and sales tool.

2. Fast and Accurate Building Order Process

Improv not only provides a clean, fast process to engineer and fully price Lester buildings. It also serves as the conduit for builders uploading orders directly to the Lester factory. Orders are placed instantly into Lester's order review, processing and manufacturing process, bypassing the typical obstacles to fast response.

3. Information to Help You Manage Your Business Better

The many reports Improv generates help builders manage with more confidence. For example, there are labor hour reports for tracking and managing crew efficiency, Order History reports for future, time-saving reference, and more. For your most particular customers, there are easy-to-understand design and pricing detail reports that show every component and specification. In addition, Lester provides complete construction details for each project, as well as continually updated "best practices" construction videos, many embedded directly into the Improv software.

4. Project Margin Management

Improv, acting as the "engineer in a computer," determines the most efficient Lester structural configuration for you and your customer, in terms of material used and labor hours required. Improv also creates total project costing, including your buyouts and subcontracts. There isn't a better tool available for managing pricing and margin performance.

5. Complete Services/Inventory Management

Lester Buildings is your one-stop source for the various services you may be currently juggling on your own. All pre-construction aspects of your building business, from marketing to design, engineering, pricing, ordering, inventory, manufacturing and delivery are channeled through Lester. Most Lester buildings are delivered on custom-modified Lester trucks for efficient jobsite delivery. We simplify your business management needs, giving you more time to concentrate on selling and building.

6. Design and Engineering

Lester provides a broad range of value-added designed and engineered systems known for dependable, long-term field performance. The risk you may have previously borne on your own is now transferred to Lester Building Systems. Lester provides architectural services. For higher-concept structures, you can count on the support from a variety of our partnering design consultants.

7. National Brand Marketing

Lester provides a broad range of professional marketing tools and program support. These include: factory promotions; a national public relations effort; a website that is one of the industry's busiest; a full tradeshow schedule; show display program; national advertising; professional direct mail, literature resources, and more.

8. Professional Architectural Specifications

A dedicated, ongoing marketing effort directed at architects, engineers and specifiers is supported by the industry's most comprehensive specifications distribution program. We help our builders get their fair share of public and private commercial building opportunities.

9. Lifetime Warranty

Lester provides the industry's only Lifetime Structural Design Warranty for loads not exceeding design requirements. In addition, the warranty provides strong paint manufacturer pass-through protection. The Lester warranty is customizable for each building project by Improv and can be printed at time of building sale, to complete a truly unique building buying experience.

10. Company and Peer Support

While the credibility of the Lester brand can jump start your Lester dealership, you can count on the support of a Lester Area Manager for all of your routine technical and sales support needs. In addition, other Lester associates -- from project coordinators, custom quote techs and transportation personnel to marketing and IT associates -- are ready to lend a hand, too. Finally, as a Lester builder, you're joining by an extended peer network of nearly 150 fellow Lester Builders.

The bottom line: Lester Buildings Dealers can concentrate on marketing, selling and GROWING their business!