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Lester Buildings Stand the Test of Time

January 20, 2021

August 2020 Midwest Derecho

An engineered pole barn is designed to meet all building requirements and load specifications designated for the particular area where the building will be located. From the roof trusses and purlins all the way down to the foundation, every component that makes up an engineered pole barn is constructed to meet or exceed those requirements and specifications.

At Lester, we take pride that every one of our buildings is engineered specifically for its requirements because the stability of your entire building depends on it. When a building is totally engineered, it is in sync with itself and will provide maximum durability to stand the test of time.
On August 10, 2020 a widespread, long-lived, straight-line windstorm that is known as a "derecho" hit a 700-mile stretch from Nebraska to Indiana. Iowa was the hardest-hit state. More than 40% of the states corn and soybean crop were severely damaged along with the destruction of homes, farms and businesses. Lester dealer, Eastern Iowa Building Inc, located in Fairfax, IA documented damage from the derecho and were able to show that Lester Buildings truly stand the test of time. 

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A Lester building (1) remains intact and structurally sound after two nearby competitor buildings (2) and (3) have collapsed and suffered major damage. 



Five Lester buildings (1) withstand the violent winds of August 2020 derecho while a competitor building (2) was left with major damage. 



A Lester building (1) remains untouched from the derecho, while its neighboring steel-framed building has endured extensive damage.



A competitor building (1) with an attached Lester addition (2) that only suffers damage on the competitor portion of the building while the Lester section remains untouched.