Bring Your Dream Building to Life with MyLester Design, Lester Building's Custom 3D Visualization To

Dreaming of a new pole barn building? Excited to see your vision? From shouses to hobby shops, livestock containment buildings to equestrian arenas, everyone can bring their dream building to life with Lester Building’s new user-friendly 3D visualization tool MyLester Design.
“From the simplest shed to the most complex building, anyone can design the structure they have in mind,” said Lester Dealer Sales Manager Rick Sagness. “I’ve done the easiest of projects in less than five minutes and the most complicated of buildings in just 35 - 40 minutes. And we’re seeing that, on average, customers are spending 15 - 20 minutes to create their buildings.”


MyLester Design benefits
Thousands of Lester customers across the country are already experiencing the many benefits that MyLester Design offers, including: 

Easily explore options
It’s easy to experiment with various options such as materials and accessories, door and window openings – even color schemes – before making any final selections. With MyLester Design visualization capability, you can change your mind all you want during the design process.
Create a visual representation
“Build” a visual representation of your post-frame building online before ever talking to a sales representative.  With completed MyLester Design drawings, Lester customers can clearly communicate what they want to their dealer or salesperson. Because the fully 3D models provide realistic visuals from all possible angles, everyone can see the end result.


Identify and resolve issues early
MyLester Design's design tools make it easy to see possible issues and resolve them early in the process. For example: Is that exterior wall too short to accommodate the size of the overhead door you chose? MyLester Design will tell you right away.
Know you’re dealing with the best qualityDreamPlanner_EclipseRoof.jpg
When designing with MyLester Design, customers can rest assured that all building components used in the drawings are quality Lester products – from the steel panels, to windows and doors including the Eclipse Roof System®.

Here at Lester Building Systems LLC, we’re excited about the possibilities Dream Planner offers to anyone who has a dream building in mind. But don’t take our word for it. Try MyLester Design for free and see just how easy it is to bring your vision to life.