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How to Design Your Custom Pole Barn Building in 3D

What if you could take your pole barn design ideas and simply bring them to life in a matter of minutes? Design your dream building effortlessly and have fun. With a few easy steps you can bring your pole barn ideas to a reality by using MyLester Design™, a custom 3D design tool to help you visualize your building. 


Begin by Selecting a Pre-designed Building.
To get a head start, select one of the popular pre-designed buildings and personalize the design to meet your needs and wants. Lester offers custom design and construction services for any building type. You will find many great beginning ideas for agricultural, residential, commercial, hobby, equestrian and more. You also have the option to start from scratch and construct your building from the ground up.

Use the Designer Menu Options to Personalize Your Building.
Designing a pole barn with Lester’s 3D pole barn design tool is easy for anyone to use.  Simply follow steps 1 through 6 in the designer menu to help you achieve the building of your dreams. Select from the most popular design features to add both function and personal touch to your building and enhance your carefully planned pole barn with the perfect color combination.


Save and Share Your Project.
Save as many variations of your building as you wish simply by selecting “Email Link”. Once you complete a brief form, you will receive an email with the details of your building as well as a link to revisit later. At this time, your project will not be submitted to Lester Buildings for a quote.
Once you are ready to submit your building for a cost estimate, select “Submit for Quote”. You will fill out a form and once completed your building design will get forwarded to your local Lester Representative. You can expect to be contacted within three business days. MyLester Design™ has been an effective tool to help with the process of truly understanding what a customer wants.
Want to share your building design with others? You can either text message or email a link of your design by selecting the “Share” option. You can also post your building to your Facebook or Twitter account as well as save your building as inspiration to your Pinterest board.

See Your Building in YOUR Site Location.
That’s right, complete the picture and truly bring your building to life by visualizing it in its future site location with your phone or tablet. By using augmented reality, you can get the most accurate visual of what your dream building will look like in its new home. It is simple to do by selecting “View in Your Space” and following the prompts.
We can help bring your custom pole barn building to life with our 3D pole barn designer, MyLester Design™. Lester operates in 38 states, and we continue to grow. Click here to see if we service your state. For more information contact your local Lester Buildings dealer or representative and if you haven’t already, be sure to check out our searchable photo gallery on our website for building inspiration.