Exterior Accessory Options for Pole Barns

A pole barn is not just for storage. It can be an attractive and functional space such as a workshop, garage, hobby shop or even a living space. But what are some ways you can improve the look of your pole barn and how can you economically add value and comfort to it? It is simple – with exterior add-ons.
Exterior add-ons are accessories that can give your exterior more style, character, and versatility. They may also help you protect your building from the elements, increase its energy efficiency, and extend its lifespan.
Lester Buildings’ flexible design options allows for your building to be designed to your specific wants and needs. Contrary to cookie cutter designs, with Lester, you choose from various lengths, widths, heights, foundation options, roof pitches, porch configurations, doors, windows and so much more. If you can visualize it, you can accessorize it.

Pole Barn Roof Features

One of the most popular accessories Lester Buildings customers choose. Cupolas add a certain old-world charm that’s hard to ignore.

Deep Fascia Overhang
Adds aesthetic beauty.

For added light, space and curb appeal.

Eclipse Roof System

Eclipse offers the structural integrity of a through-fastened roof with battens that snap over the ribs. This engineered system offers bold, clean lines, a weathertight barrier, and a stronger building overall.

Roof Pitch
Increasing the pitch from a standard 4/12 to 6/12 or even 8/12 can dramatically change the look and better facilitate snow sliding off in regions with harsh winters.

Roof Overhang

Twelve-inch overhang is common, but buildings may have more (up to 24”), less or no overhang. Eave overhang contains vented soffit to increase air flow within the building.

Widows Peak

A widow’s peak is a pointed overhang that projects from the center of your pole barn roof. It usually has a triangular shape and extends over the main entrance of your pole barn. A widow’s peak can add drama to your pole barn exterior, giving it a distinctive and striking appearance.

Pole Barn Porch Designs

Pole barn porches come in a variety of styles and are a functional way to add building aesthetics.
Standard Porch
Wraparound Porch
Inset Porch
Roof Pitch Change Porch
Step Down Porch
Continuous Roof Pitch Porch

Pole Barn Doors

Doors come in many styles – one of which is sure to enhance your building design plans.
Dual Sliding Doors
Dutch Doors
Overhead Doors
Crossbuck Sliding Doors
Touch of Class Sliding Doors

Bi-Fold Doors

Other Accessory Options

A simple way to increase the character and beauty to your pole barn, wainscoting can be color coordinated to complement your home and other structures on the property. A wainscot is aesthetically pleasing and easily replaceable if damaged. They also can be made of different materials besides metal, such as stone, brick, or wood. 

Adds to the overall aesthetics of your building while also protecting doors or windows from rain, sun, and snow. 

Eve Lights
Hard plastic, clouded panels located next the eves – can supply sufficient filtered illumination so you don’t always have to rely on electricity to light your way inside.
Color-4.jpeg Color-5.jpeg
Pole barn add-ons and accessories are available in beautiful colors that will take your building to the next level in aesthetics. The possibilities for the best color combination for your building are limited only by your imagination. 

Start Designing!

Many people find inspiration on our website by visiting our searchable photo gallery. It contains hundreds of examples of pole barn designs. Other resources for ideas include Lester’s Pinterest page, design websites and even print magazines.
Once you have some ideas in mind, are you excited to see your vision? From shouses to hobby shops, livestock containment buildings to equestrian arenas, everyone can bring their dream building to life with Lester Building’s user-friendly 3D visualization tool, MyLester Design.
It’s easy to experiment with various options such as materials and accessories, door, and window openings – even color schemes – before making any final selections. With MyLester Design visualization capability, you can change your mind all you want during the design process.