Lester Building Withstands Ohio Tornado

In the early morning of February 28, 2024, the National Weather Service confirmed six tornados moved through central Ohio.
Significant damage was done to The Ohio State University’s Molly Caren Agricultural Center, located in Madison County. This is also the home of the Farm Science Review, the annual agricultural trade show and education event that attracts more than 100,000 visitors. Lester Buildings has been a part of this tradeshow for many years and has a permanent display building on site.
Ten university-owned buildings at the site were damaged or destroyed and some privately owned buildings were also impacted. A handful were damaged badly enough they will need to be demolished. No individuals or animals were hurt.
Photos documenting the outcome from the tornado shows the Lester building suffered little damage. At Lester, every building is engineered specifically for its requirements because the stability of the entire building depends on it. An engineered pole barn is designed to meet or exceed wind and snow load specifications designated for a particular area where the building will be located. From the roof trusses and purlins all the way down to the foundation, when a building is totally engineered it will provide maximum durability to resist Mother Nature’s fiercest outbursts.
The recovery process is underway at the Molly Caren Agricultural Center and the Farm Science Review is expected to return as planned in September.
Lester’s display building (1) is virtually untouched from the tornado while its neighboring competitor building (2) has endured extensive damage.

Lester’s display building (1) remains intact and structurally sound while nearby competitor buildings (2) suffer major damage.

A closer view of neighboring competitor buildings that have partially collapsed and were left with major damage.

More competitor buildings from the grounds of the Molly Caren Agricultural Center that have suffered extensive damage from the February 28, 2024 tornado.