Pole Barn Construction Process: Where to Start

You’ve been dreaming about your new pole barn for years, and now you’re ready to start, but where?

At Lester Buildings, customers come to us with all levels of knowledge and vision regarding their upcoming building project. Some know exactly what they want, all the way down to the last square foot. Others? Not as much.

For those who fall into this second group, there’s no need to worry. We’re here to help you make your dream building come to life.

To get started, there are a few questions to ask.

Land and Site Location

Do you own the land where your building will be erected? Do trees need to be removed? Does the ground need to be leveled? Will the builder have the access they need to stage the building material and work safely? Have you thought about whether you will need electricity in your pole building? If so, is it easily accessible? Is drainage an issue? Learn why site preparation is important.

To some, these questions can be daunting. At Lester Buildings, a representative is happy to visit your site to review and assess the building location with you.

Permitting and Site Requirements

Will you need a permit? Do you have the permit?

You can start the permitting process by connecting with your planning and zoning commission and explain the type of project you’re aiming for and what permits will be required.

Doing this early in the process can prevent unplanned delays in the project timeline, as some planning and zoning offices can take months to deliver a permit.

Size and Use of Your Building

How will you be using your building? Storing equipment or toys? Workshop or hobby shop? Office space? What is the longest, tallest and widest thing that will be housed in your building?

Answering these questions will help determine the size of the building, create the floorplan, determine whether heating, electricity or plumbing will be needed and determine how you might want to finish the inside of your building. The way in which you use your building will help determine which additional permits need to be pulled, such as electrical and plumbing.

While you’re determining the right building for your current needs, this can also be a good time to think about the future. Will this building satisfy all your future needs?


Designing Your Building

What do you want you building to look like? How many doors and windows? Overhangs and/or a porch? What color are you dreaming about?

This is the fun part! With our proprietary Improv® software, your Lester Buildings representative can bring your vision to life.
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Choosing a Builder
Download our Evaluate Your Builder guide to learn what questions to ask your builder to maximize your experience and ensure you build the building of your dreams!