How Much Does it Cost to Build a Pole Barn?

“How much is a 40′ by 60′? Ballpark. I won’t hold ya to it.” We are often asked this question.

Unfortunately, there is no simple and easy answer to the question, “how much does it cost to build a pole barn?”


The reason is because there are many different factors and considerations that determine the overall cost of a pole building.

brown-bag-for-produceSometimes we compare it to, “how much does a bag of groceries cost?” Well, it depends, right? Is the bag full of meat and produce, or is it full of Ramen noodles? Did you buy the groceries in Alaska or Texas? Did you choose generic items or did you upgrade to brand names because they taste better? It’s the same with pole barns. It depends on many things.

Size & Features

There are numerous components to the design of a building: the size and shape of the building, the slope and pitch of the roof, the number and types of windows and doors as well as other accessories that may be incorporated like cupolas, overhangs and porches. The price of each component can vary greatly, depending on the features you desire.

Every Lester Building is Different

No two Lester Buildings are alike. Every customer has a unique design in mind and a personalized set of requirements for their building. While one customer prefers overhead doors so that he/she can operate it with a remote, another customer may want to save costs with a sliding door that manually opens. Off-the-shelf, cookie-cutter buildings do not satisfy our customers’ needs. That’s why we offer customized buildings.

Snow & Wind Loads

Site location and conditions impact price as well. Every county has different snow and wind loads. For instance, in the state of Iowa, the northern counties require a 40 pound ground snow load, while the southern counties require a 20 pound ground snow load. That could mean quite a difference in the building’s framing structure. Depending on the width and building design, the price difference could be a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.snow loads

Job Site Review

We prefer to meet at the building site location before we prepare a proposal. We do this because we want to see if the building can be built in the location you want it. If we give you a quote by email or over the phone without seeing the building site, we may not be giving you a proposal that will cover the scope of work.

Competitive Quotes

Apple and Orange differenceAs you’re gathering competitive quotes, it’s important to evaluate your building suppliers equally. Be sure to compare apples-to-apples when evaluating quotes. Are your quotes complete proposals or are they estimates, which are subject to change? An estimate is just an estimate, with a final value to be determined at project completion. A complete proposal is a firm quote subject to change only if the scope of the project changes. Review your quote to ensure it includes everything. It should clarify in writing what is included and what is excluded. Avoid unpleasant surprises by understanding the true scope of work before you sign a contract.

Get a Lester Buildings Proposal

Not all pole barns are equal. Lester Buildings offers a custom proposal for each building project, based on the customer’s wants and needs. To get started on your proposal, please contact your local Lester Buildings Dealer/Representative to set up an appointment at your building site location.