Pole Barn Roof: Things to Know Before Re-Roofing

When it comes to building components, a pole barn roof bears the brunt of Mother Nature’s worst, and roof damage is on the rise with the increased frequency of strong storms throughout the country.
If you own a Lester Buildings pole barn here is what you need to know to keep your warranty intact and plan for a seamless reroofing project.

Lester Buildings Project # 602351, 50′ x 50′ x 8′

Who replaces pole barn metal roofs? 

Whether a hailstorm knocks out a sidewall, fire destroys portions of your roof, or you just happen to notice a leak, it’s vital that you contact your Lester representative rather than turn to another contractor.

Why? Because other roofers could use materials that can compromise the structural integrity of your entire Lester building. The steel we use in our panels is configured with exacting tensile strength and gauge specifications. We also employ a specific screw pattern on the roof panels, include thermal expansion joints in buildings over 70-feet wide, adhere roof panels to purlins instead of the joists, and design roofs to withstand uneven snow loads specific to your local weather conditions – all to maximize structural integrity.

Should I remove the existing roof myself?

In a word, (or two) please don’t! Roofs are a critical part of the structural integrity of Lester buildings and removing the roof can compromise the entire building, especially if high winds or other unpleasant weather rolls through before the roof can be rebuilt.

How long does a roof replacement take?

While reroofing is, generally, a short-term project, it depends on many factors, from weather conditions to building size, height, age and complexity of the roofline. Smaller buildings (70’x40’, for example) can be completed in a day or two. Owners of larger buildings, like riding arenas, and older buildings (30-40+ years) can expect the project to last approximately a week. 

Can Lester reroof a gothic barn?

Yes! In fact, Lester Buildings started out constructing gothic barns more than 60 years ago. Because gothic barns are typically older and have steep roof pitches not seen on other rooflines, we’ll perform a free site visit to check the building’s integrity before quoting on the job. Owners of these beautiful legacy barns should be aware that, due to those roof pitches, which can measure 45 degrees or steeper, safety precautions can add to the time and cost.

Can Lester reroof my building if it is not a Lester Building?

Yes, we offer two different metal roof options. Our standard steel panel, Uni-RibTM, is a through-fastened panel that provides structural strength and beauty superior to other post frame suppliers.
Our new, patented Eclipse Roof System® combines the structural integrity of a through-fastened roof with the sleek appearance of a standing seam metal roof.  A batten snaps over the ribs, concealing panel fasteners to create bold clean lines and a weathertight barrier.  This option offers exceptional value compared to a standing seam roof.

Both options can be installed over any building.

What else do I need to know?

Roof replacements usually require a building permit, especially in residential areas. While municipalities vary, every jurisdiction has a building or planning department. Before embarking on your reroofing project, call your planning or building commission to find out what the process for your area entails.
Make sure that you have access to the building. Over time, trees can grow up alongside exterior walls, or other buildings can be raised close by. Ideally, you’ll want 10 to 20 feet of clear access around the building you want to reroof.

Finally, roofs come with more than just steel panels. As you’re planning a roof replacement, consider:

  • Does the roof have gutters? Do you want to keep, replace or add them?
  • What are your plans for the building? For example, if you currently own a cold storage building, do you want to heat a portion of it for future use?
  • Do you want to add to the aesthetics of the roof with cupolas or extended overhangs?
  • Do you want to add to the roof’s functionality with ridge vents or snow retention treads?

Most of us take for granted the roofs over our heads – until something happens to them. When that time comes, contact your local Lester Buildings dealer or representative to get started on your reroofing project.