Selecting the Best Color Combination for Your Pole Building

Reds and greens and earth tones, oh my! There are so many options when it comes to choosing pole barn colors these days that it can be challenging to know where to start. You want to make the best decisions to enhance your carefully planned pole barn design, and after all, it’s your dream building!
To help you get started, we compiled the following tips:

How many colors should I choose?

While the number of colors to use is really an individual choice, the most popular are two-tone and three-tone pole barn colors. These color combinations usually encompass one for the sidewalls, another for the roof and possibly a third for the trim. Often times, the wainscot, windows, doors, and trim are matched with the roof.
However, if you’re attracted to a mono-colored scheme where all of the building components are the same color, that’s an option too.
There are wonderful opportunities for even four-color options. Pole barn design features such as overhead doors, walk-in doors, window trim, cupolas and mansards now come in beautiful colors that will take your building to the next level in aesthetics. Really, the choices are limited only by your imagination.
Four Color Pole Barn
This building is using four colors. Roof: Pewter Gray, side walls: Barn Red, trim: Snow White, and Black shutters with Black accented doors. (Project #513609) 

How do I select the best colors?

First, check out your property’s landscape. Notice the colors of other structures, as well as any design details that stand out to you. You want to be sure that the pole barn colors you use coordinate with surrounding buildings and natural features.
Also, ask yourself if you’re planning to paint your home and/or other buildings on the property. Do you have a one-year or five-year plan in place? Where is the trend of your home or farm going? You don’t want to end up with a color that doesn’t go with what your future holds. If you aren’t sure, it’s safest to use classic, earth tone colors and let your home and landscaping comprise most of your property’s unique beauty.
If you’re looking for new, cutting edge colors that will really make your pole barn tastefully stand out, consider Lester's new color options: Crinkle Grey, Crinkle Black, Crinkle Brown, Weathered Grey and Western Rust. These unique colors come in a matte finish that capture light differently than other paints to create a weathered wood effect – a look that’s trending across the country.
Pole Barn Color
This hobby building is using Quaker Gray side walls, Pewter Gray roof and Snow White trim, doors and windows. It is a great example of coordinating with existing structures on the property. (Project #605944)

What colors look best together?

Color preference is subjective, however after building over 170,000 Lester buildings, we have certainly seen some popular color combinations. Below are some two-color combinations that have been popular with our customers, starting with the side wall color and paired with popular roof and trim colors.
  • Bone White: Pewter Gray, Quaker Gray, Black, Evergreen
  • White Sand: Clay, Antique Brown, Earth Brown
  • Barn Red: Snow White, Sandstone, Bone White, Quaker Gray, Antique Brown
  • Pewter Gray: Quaker Gray, Burgundy
  • Quaker Gray: Black, Barn Red, Snow White
  • Crinkle Antique Brown: Clay, Rawhide, Sandstone, Barn Red
  • Weathered Gray: Quaker Gray, Black
When a third color is introduced, the most popular option we tend to see is adding Snow White for the building’s trim. To view our color options, download our color chart.

Where can I find color inspiration?

Do some research to discover what colors you gravitate toward. Drive around to look at buildings in settings similar to yours and notice what draws your eye. Many people find ideas on our website by visiting our searchable photo gallery. It contains hundreds of examples of pole barn designs, and many customers have commented on how much our gallery helped inspire their final color choices.
Other resources for color inspiration include Lester’s Pinterest page, design websites and even print magazines. (Note that if you live in a suburban municipality, you might be limited by design criteria dictated by neighborhood covenants.)
Black and Galvanized Building
Don't be afraid to think outside of the box. Some of the most non-traditional color schemes make the most beautiful buildings. This hobby shop is using a Galvanized roof, Black side walls and trim, and White doors and windows. (Project #607885)

Pewter Gray Barn Red Pole Building
Contrasting colors make a great pair. This two-color building has Quaker Gray side walls with a Barn Red roof, wainscot and trim. (Project #512026)

What if I want to use natural materials instead of another color?

In a word (or two) – great choice! Instead of employing a secondary or tertiary color, some consumers opt to upgrade decorative elements such as wainscot to brick or natural stone. If that’s the route you decide to go, it’s best to keep your pole barn paint color options within the earth tones family so they complement the natural material.
This beautiful building is using all earth tones with an Antique Brown roof, Clay side walls, Snow White trim and accented with natural stone for a wainscot. (Project #514774)

A final tip

It’s important to know that not all pole barn paint is created equally. The best paint systems offer attractive colors and color combinations that also provide extra protection against environmental conditions such as ultraviolet rays, humidity and general wear and tear – ensuring your pole barn’s long-lasting beauty.
Whether you decide to use a single color, a duo-tone scheme, or three or even more color choices for your pole barn design, we’re here to help. For more information contact your local Lester Buildings dealer or representative and if your haven’t already, be sure to check out our searchable photo gallery on our website for color inspiration.