Acrylit translucent panelTranslucent Eave Light Panel
This isn’t the same eave light product used years ago. Clear acrylit allows more than 50 percent light transmission, so it’s an excellent, low-cost means of bringing natural light into your structure. The panel’s UV light resistance also means it doesn’t yellow as fast as other eave light panels. Plus, it's stronger, yet it expands and contracts with the building for longer life.

Livestock Products

Laminated Plywood
Lester manufactures this plywood in-house for quality control and customization. It’s favored for its washability, and color and wear resistance. Common veneers include fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP), high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and painted metals. Laminated plywood is also used in our Insl-Wall™ panel.

Insl-Wall™ Panel System
Developed in-house by Lester, this thermal insulation has a known and trusted R-value. Manufactured with expanded polystyrene insulation, this foam core has excellent strength-to-weight ratio and has a high R-value. And, unlike regular batt insulation, the Insl-Wall panel’s R-value is unaffected by moisture and high humidity, providing years of worry free protection. The panel’s interior surface is a low-maintenance plastic overlay, laminated on 5/8" plywood. The plastic is available in several grades and thicknesses.
Treated Sill Plates
Treated sill plates help prevent deterioration and promote long building life. The exterior is a factory painted  3/8" thick composite of oil tempered hard board and wood laminates.  This panel is durable and impact resistant, and popular in animal confinement buildings.

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Horse Stall Doors - Building AccessoriesEquestrian Products

Signature stalls and doors were exclusively designed for Lester Buildings to meet our relentless commitment to animal safety. All match Lester’s standard Uni-Rib™ colors so that stalls are integrated into the exterior building design.

Safety-Tested Stall Doors, Fronts, Backs and Partitions
Steel components are fabricated from commercial grade (12 and 14 gauge) galvanized steel tube or flat stock steel for uniform corrosion protection. Posts and panels are covered in steel channel or angle to prevent chewing. Partitions use laminated columns with a slot at the corner post and at the back wall, so partition walls can be easily removed and modified. Special care given to safe latches.

Coordinated Colors
Choose from 18 standard Lester colors. Screws used to fasten components to the plank will color match equipment colors.

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