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Doors are a critical part of solidifying Lester’s Lifetime Structural Design Warranty. So much so, that we design and manufacture our own sliding steel doors (the only wind-rated ones on the market) to building loads. Why all the fuss? If a Lester building is built to code, and it fails because of a non-wind-rated door, the failure is not covered in our warranty.

Other features:

  • Framed with heavy-duty 16-gauge steel verticals and 16 or 20-gauge girts, and cladded with 29 or 26-gauge Uni-Rib™ steel panel to prevent door twisting, warping or binding.
  • Specially-lubricated trolleys for easy and quiet gliding.
  • A rounded track that self-cleans dirt and debris with each operation, which eliminates periodic cleaning.

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Lester only partners with carefully selected national suppliers of high quality building accessories. We trust our suppliers to provide product consistency, excellent customer service, and superior project management (delivery and installation).


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