Fasteners & Connections

The right fastener can make the difference between a successful project and disaster. Lester utilizes a variety of fasteners optimized for various conditions. To safeguard building strength, we take great care to disperse weight using many smaller fasteners, rather than one large fastener.
Roofing and Wall ScrewsRoof & Wall Screws
These screws fasten exterior steel cladding to interior boards and feature excellent corrosion resistance to prevent rust streaks. Available in all Lester steel panel colors.
Framing ScrewsFraming Screws
The FlatLok Framing Screw features a long shank combined with the optimal thread length to eliminate gaps between plys. Its serrated blades prevent the wood from splitting. 
"Flush" Purlin-Truss Connection“Flush” Purlin-Truss Connection
This metal saddle hanger straddles the purlin and truss to create a flush, secure joint. The flush design reduces bird nesting, improves truss bracing, and increases diaphragm strength.
Interlocking Truss-to-Column ConnectionInterlocking Truss-to-Column Connection
The saddled truss connection has long been the centerpiece of Lester’s wall systems. Unique in the industry, this beefy connection allows for secure fastening from both sides of the column, effectively more than doubling the strength of the connection. This design also allows for a more efficient load transfer from roof to wall.
"Over-the-Top" Purlin-Truss Connection“Over-the-Top” Purlin-Truss Connection
Lester’s framing system creates a strong, reliable connection every time. We lay our purlins on the truss “on edge” to create a stronger connection than laying them flat. Then, we use hefty 6-inch corrosion-resistant Hex Drive Framing Screws to fasten the purlin to the truss through a factory-bored hole centered over the truss.
Even our nails are specified and tested!  To provide excellent corrosion resistance, we require our nails be hot galvanized. We also test to show the percentage breakdown of zinc and other active ingredients.

Roof Truss Connector PlatesTruss Plates
Lester also designs its galvanized truss plates for each connection. The size, thickness and number of teeth in the plate are determined based on the strength needed. 
With sealants, you get what you pay for. At Lester, we only use top-quality, premium caulk from Manus Products, Inc.
Manus-Bond 75-A
This is a one-part silicone caulk with excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates including aluminum, wood, glass, rubber, coated surfaces, and other common construction materials. A key feature – it stays in place and doesn’t sag.