Interlocking Wall Systems

Continuous Girt System - Pole Barn Wall SystemContinuous Girt System:
Wall girts butt up against each other to form one continuous girt.

Flush Frame Girt System for Pole BuildingsFlush-Frame System:
Wall girts intersect with columns.
Typically used for lined and insulated shop buildings.

Multi-Ply, Finger-Jointed Columns
Walls are primarily constructed with nail-laminated columns formed from multiple plies ranging from 2x4’s to 2x12’s.  Columns are made longer by “finger-jointing,” an interlocking process which creates a very strong bond.
Finger-joined, multiple-ply lumber columns have a number of advantages when compared to solid sawn posts:
  • Decay is nearly eliminated because treatment can completely penetrate each ply.
  • Columns are straight and twist-free.
  • Strength and reliability are improved because wood knots are more evenly distributed.
  • Long, continuous lengths can be readily manufactured.
Minimum column size for Lester Buildings is a 3-ply 2x4’s.  Columns up to 5-ply 2x12’s are readily used and can go up to 12-ply, depending on structural requirements.
Steel Trusses for Pole BarnsTrusses
Using a double-press system, we manufacture our trusses per order. The truss saw is programmed to cut the boards to the exact length needed to ensure accuracy and reduce construction time. We can easily manufacture trusses with a 120’ width.