Insulation & Vapor Barriers

NOTE:  All buildings contain a percentage of moisture in the air.  As buildings become more airtight for thermal efficiency, more air moisture is trapped inside the building. The differential of outside and inside temperature creates condensation which drips onto items inside the building.

Tuff-Roll Insulation and Vapor Barrier
2” thick fiberglass insulation (R-6) faced with a thick vinyl backing that prevents pecking birds. Rolls are adhered together to form a continuous vapor barrier. Non-code compliant.

WMP-VR Insulation and Vapor Barrier
2” thick fiberglass insulation (R-6) faced with white polypropylene, which is tear and water resistant. Code compliant.

DripStop Condensation ControlDripstop Condensation Control
This sponge-like membrane protects assets from dripping condensation inside buildings with high air moisture. It adheres directly to the backside of Uni-Rib™ steel panel to trap moisture when air moisture levels are high, and then releases the moisture when air moisture levels drop. Used in livestock confinement buildings, ag buildings, mini-storage and any building that requires protection from dripping condensation.

Interior Liner and Insulation SystemInterior Liner and Insulation System
Lester’s cost-effective liner package reduces temperature and humidity fluctuations inside the building and provides year-round comfort. It’s ideal for workshops. Your liner options include:

Uni-Rib™ Liner
This features the high quality steel which has the same profile as our exterior Uni-Rib panel

Acoustical Liner PanelAcoustical Liner Panel
The panel absorbs eight times more sound energy than standard Uni-Rib Liner. The result is significantly lower noise levels and improved acoustics for any interior space. Typical applications include manufacturing, shop and maintenance facilities, recreational facilities, fellowship halls, and meeting rooms.

Interior Liner Panel Gauge Galvanizing Colors
Liner 30 ga G40 Liner White
Acoustical Liner 30 ga G40 Liner White, Black


  • G40 should not be used inside structures with high humidity, such as livestock facilities.
  • Acoustical Liner should not be used in high humidity conditions such as livestock facilities or swimming pools.
  • Other options can be used to line the interior, such as plywood, OSB, etc. Discuss your options with your local Lester Dealer / Rep.