Protective Substrate Coatings & Paint Systems

Steel LayersProtective substrate coatings and paint systems protect the steel; keeping it durable and looking great for years.

Protective Substrate Coatings

Lester Buildings Systems offer two protective substrate coating options.  The substrate coating is used to inhibit rust and corrosion. It is applied to the steel before it is painted.

AZ50 Galvalume®
  • Galvalume coatings use a mixture of aluminum and zinc to protect against rust and corrosion. 
  • Galvalume is projected to out-perform galvanized by up to nine times in non-livestock facilities with equivalent coating thickness.
  • Galvalume is offered on both the 26 and 28 gauge Uni-Rib™ steel panel and the Eclipse Roof System™.
G90 Galvanized
  • Galvanized coatings use pure zinc to protect against rust and corrosion. 
  • Measured in number of ounces of zinc per square foot; the higher the number, the less corrosion.
  • The Uni-Rib steel panel uses a galvanization process that adds a layer of corrosion protection to both sides of the panel.
  • It also provides good paint adhesion and scratch resistance. 
  • Galvanized coatings are recommended for livestock facilities by all major steel producers.
  • Galvanized is offered on the 29 gauge Uni-Rib steel panel.
Interior panels for lined/insulated structures are available in 30 gauge G40 Galvanized, Polyester paint.

Paint Systems

sherwin_williams_coil_coatings_logo_(1).jpgSherwin-Williams has been the exclusive paint provider for Lester Building Systems for more than 30 years. Our long-term partnership, coupled with Sherwin-Williams' 150+ years of coating experience brings a proven track record of quality, integrity and dependability.
As one of the leading paint manufacturers in the world, Sherwin-Williams is known for their innovation to the coatings industry. With an enduring commitment to durability and an ever-expanding palette of color, Sherwin-Williams offers unlimited color freedom.

Lester Buildings offers two choices of paint systems. Each comes with an outstanding warranty and provides extra protection against harsh environmental elements such as ultra-violet rays, acidic rain, humidity and normal handling/wear and tear. 

Valspar Weather XL® Silicone Modified Polyester (SMP)
Best value combining reliable durability at a lower price. It is standard on all exterior panels and provides an excellent value. Available in 17 colors

Valspar Fluropon® Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF)
A premium option suggested for increased fade protection. It is recommended for dark colored roofs.  (The well-known Kynar paint brand is also made by Valspar and has the equivalent properties as Fluropon.) Available in 20 colors.
A majority of the colors meet Energy Star’s “Cool Roof” reflectivity standards.


Paint Warranty - Years of Coverage

Paint System




Red Rust











Definitions of Paint Characteristics

Film Integrity:

Paint that pulls away from the surface – peeling, checking, cracking


Chalk-like powder caused by weather elements breaking down the paint resin


The change in paint color over time (lighter or darker)

Red Rust:

Rust that can form on cut edges if the galvanizing layer fails