Steel Panels

What Makes Steel Strong and Durable?

Three components contribute to the strength of the steel:
  1. Thickness - Measured in gauge (Ga); the lower the gauge, the thicker the steel. 
  2. Tensile Yield Strength (PSI – pounds per square inch) - each grade of steel has tensile yield strength measuring the strength of the steel; the higher the PSI the stronger the steel. 
  3. Shape (profile) - stronger panels have more minor ribs, taller major ribs, more and sharper bends in the ribs.
Protective substrate coatings and paint systems protect the steel; keeping it durable and looking great for years.

Protective Coatings – the substrate coating is used to inhibit rust and corrosion. It is applied to the steel before the steel is painted. 

Paint Systems – Lester Buildings offers two choices of paint systems. Each comes with an outstanding warranty and provides extra protection against harsh environmental elements such as ultra-violet rays, acidic rain, humidity and normal handling/wear and tear. 

Lester Building Systems uses grade 80 steel for both the Uni-Rib™ steel panel and the patented Eclipse Roof System™.  We specify and test all layers of the steel panel (steel coil, protective coatings, paint and design).  For added quality control we roll-form the steel panels and trim in house. To minimize errors we program the panel lengths directly from computer-generated drawings into the saw.