Uni-Rib™ Steel

UniRib steel panel

Uni-Rib™ Steel Panel – The better choice for steel siding and through-fastened roofs.

The Uni-Rib™ steel panel is exclusive to Lester Building Systems. It provides both structural strength and beauty to your building. 

  • Lester Buildings uses predominately 28 gauge steel for its UniRib steel panel.
  • Most post-frame suppliers use 29 gauge steel.
  • Some post-frame suppliers use 26 gauge commercial quality steel which is thicker, but has lower tensile strength.
  • Lester Buildings also offers 26 gauge steel in the same tensile strength as our 28 gauge steel.​
Tensile Yield Strength
  • Uni-Rib is a grade 80 steel with a minimum tensile strength of 80,000 PSI, often running well above that minimum.
  • Other building suppliers use a commercial quality steel with a maximum tensile strength of 64,000 PSI, and typically running much less.
  • The Uni-Rib grade 80 steel panel is stronger than commercial quality and Grade 56 steel panels.
  • Uni-Rib starts with a 42.000” wide coil giving you 2.75% more steel than most other steel panels, for the same 36” coverage.
  • This additional steel allows for more minor ribs, taller major ribs, and more and sharper bends in the ribs; giving you a stronger building.
  • The major rib in the Uni-Rib panel is 7/8” high while the major rib in many other steel panels is 3/4” high.
Unirib steel profile

Uni-Rib Steel Panel Gauge, Protective Substrate and Paint System Options