Lester Buildings Lifetime Structural Design WarrantyLester Buildings are engineered and backed
by a Lifetime Structural Design Warranty.

Warranty Summary for New Buildings*:

Structural Design: Lifetime (or 50 years for business owners)
Treated Lumber: 50 years
Painted Steel: 35-40 years
Workmanship: 1 year
Roof Leaks: 5 years (varies by local Dealer/Rep)

Note: Please review the warranty document with your local Dealer / Rep for complete terms and conditions.
* Older Lester Buildings have different warranties. Please consult with your local Dealer / Rep for the warranty at the time you purchased your building.

How to Submit a Warranty Claim:

  • Find your Lester Buildings contract to determine the year it was built.
  • Contact your local Lester Dealer or Representative. To find your local Dealer / Rep, click here or call 800-826-4439.
  • The Dealer / Rep will contact you to get more information and investigate the claim.