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Building Components Diagram

As shown above, you can select colors for every component of your Lester Building. We offer the most color combination options in the industry - for a design as unique as you are. 

Steel Color Options


Download Color Brochure (.pdf)

Window and Door Color Options


Color Combinations


color combinations

Building Colorizer

Colorizer Ag Storage
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Colorizer Personal Storage
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Colorizer Small Equestrian
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Colorizer Large Equestrian
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Colorizer Commercial
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The Colorizing Tool requires Adobe Flash Player. If the buildings appear when you click on the links, you already have the required plugin. If not, download Adobe Flash Player.

Note: Colors shown here are representative only and are limited by viewing conditions. Ask your Lester Buildings dealer/rep for painted metal samples. Colors and components are subject to change without notice. Custom colors must meet minimum square feet requirement.