Dry Fertilizer Buildings

Specializing in 2,000, 2,500 and 3,000 ton facilities

Lester Buildings' Dry Fertilizer Building Systems include a fertilizer storage building, a lean-to building and a load out building. These engineered fertilizer buildings have standard widths of 40' or 50', with concrete curb heights of 4' or 8', and the option of fixed or moveable bulkheads.


Fertilizer Storage Building Photo Fertilizer Storage
Project #: 217643
50' x 50' x 20' attached to 66' x 116' x 14'

Project #: 217923-217926
50' x 140' x 16' lean-to, 34' x 70' x 16', 
94' x 140' x 12', 22' x 100' x 24'

Moveable Bulkhead Fertilizer Storage Building Load In Conveyor Fertilizer Storage Building
Moveable Bulkhead with 8 Foot Curb
Load In Conveyor
Dry Fertilizer Storage Building with Weigh Hoppers Dry Fertilizer Storage Building with Tie Rods
Weigh Hoppers
Tie Rods
Dry Fertilizer Storage Building with Exterior Stair System Dry Fertilizer Storage Building with Catwalk and Conveyor
Exterior Stair System
Catwalk and Conveyor

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