Hog Barns

From breeding to finishing, we help you boost your profits

Breeding / Gestation
Lester's breeding facilities provide an ideal, productive environment for your sows. For any size operation, we'll help you get an efficient and cost-effective solution for your sow management needs. Our gestation units, available in a variety of designs and floor plans, help reduce your labor costs - saving you time and money.

Air flow is a vital factor in your operation, so don't let your building limit you. Lester hog barns are designed to work with any ventilation system you choose. Lester's farrowing units help you maintain warmth and dryness, having a direct influence on the size and condition of your litters.

With fast, efficient weaning, your sows get back in to the breeding cycle sooner, which means more pigs per sow per year. Interior floor plans can be designed for any size layout. Lester's design flexibility allows you to use various flooring systems too. 

Protect your livestock and keep productivity high with Lester's popular 41', 51', 81' or 102' wide finishing hog barns or a size that fits your specific needs. Only quality materials are used for key structural components.

"We have purchased several buildings previously and appreciate the quality.  Continue providing a quality building at a competitive price."
- Larry M. (Cascade, IA)

Hog Barn Facility

Get started. Contact us for more information on hog barns, and to receive a free estimate and a hog building plan. View our photo gallery for more hog barn designs.