Chris Freund Sales LLC Walnut, IA

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Chris Freund Sales LLC

51028 Juniper Road
Walnut, IA 51577 Map
Main Contact:
Chris Freund
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While Chris Freund Sales, of Walnut, Iowa, is a newer Lester dealership in name, you can be sure that we're building upon a great tradition in Southwest Iowa. I started in June of 2008 by working with and eventually taking over Bob Wood Sales of Walnut.

Bob has a great history with Lester Buildings and through his 32 year association with Lester, he has earned quite a reputation of quality construction and customer service.

I intend on keeping the Lester brand going strong by striving to live up to the bar that Bob has set by working with some of the same experienced crews as well as calling upon new talent in the construction industry. Our goal is to ensure that every building exceeds customers expectations.

Thanks again and we look forward to helping you with your building needs!


If you are unable to reach Chris Freund Sales LLC, please contact:

Kendall Bailey