Design Ideas for Your New Pole Barn

Chances are you’ve been dreaming about your new pole barn for some time. Whether it be a personal accessory building for your camper and boat, a hobby shed, horse barn or even a garage, you want it to not only perform well; you want it to look good.

Maybe you know exactly what you want or maybe you’re looking for ideas. When it comes to your new pole barn, there are lots of fun – and functional – ways to add a personal touch.

Cupolas and mansards and porches, oh my!

Take a look at some of the many options available to, as they say, add a little “gingerbread” to your pole barn design.


One of the most popular accessories Lester Buildings customers choose, cupolas add a certain old-world charm that’s hard to ignore.

Lester Buildings Project # 601076: Evergreen and Clay cupola


cupola with window
Lester Buildings Project # 270068: Cupola with windows


cupola lit up at night
Lester Buildings Project # 314104: Cupola lit up at night


Pole barn porches come in a variety of styles includeing wrap-around, gabled or lean-to. From a 6-foot wide veranda where you can rest in your favorite chair and gaze at the sunset to large, 12-foot wide outdoor entertainment rooms, porches are a functional way to add building aesthetics.

wraparound porch
Lester Buildings Project # 514813: A pole barn with a porch is inviting for gatherings


wrap around porch
Lester Buildings Project # 603097: A wrap-around porch adds visual interest to your building.


side porch for wood storage
Lester Buildings Project # 600358: Side pole barn porch for firewood storage


A simple way to increase the character and beauty to your pole barn, wainscoting can be color coordinated to complement your home and other structures on the property.

Burgundy Wainscot
Lester Buildings Project # 115506: Burgundy wainscot


barn red wainscot
Lester Buildings Project #: 118244: Barn Red wainscot

Roof Pitch

If you live in a suburban neighborhood with newer construction, it’s likely that your home has a steep roof pitch. Why should your pole barn be any different? Increasing the pitch from a standard 4/12 to 6/12 or even 8/12 can dramatically change the look and better facilitate snow sliding off in regions with long winters. A win-win!

12_12 roof pitch
Lester Buildings Project # 314139: 12/12 roof pitch


10_12 roof pitch
Lester Buildings Project # 270628: 10/12 roof pitch


8_12_roof pitch
Lester Buildings Project # 270699: 8/12 roof pitch

Doors and Windows

Yes, even doors and windows add curb appeal. Signature sliding doors with crossbucks, gridded windows and shutters, walk doors in bold accent colors, carriage-style overhead doors – you name it. Windows and doors come in many styles – one of which is sure to enhance your building design plans.

wood grain overhead doors
Lester Buildings Project # 514517: Overhead Doors with Wood Grain Finish


clopay coachman overhead doors
Lester Buildings Project # 600888: Coachman Style Overhead Doors


glass overhead doors
Lester Buildings Project # 219245: Two 12′ x 14′ Glass Overhead Doors


Also called eyebrows, mansards serve as decorative trim and can shelter doors or windows from the weather. What a great way to add distinction to your building’s profile!

Lester Buildings Project # 117025: Four 12′-10″ wide mansards with can lights


When it comes to color, anything goes! Want a red hobby shed that stands out as a focal point? Prefer something other than white for window and door trim? How about a classy bit of copper splashed on soffits, the porch roof and cupola? Yes, please!

pole barn colors
Lester Buildings Project 601554: Evergreen roof, Barn Red walls, Antique Brown trim, Clopay Sandstone overhead doors, AJ Clay walk door


unique pole barn design
Lester Buildings Project # 313510: Roof and walls are a custom matte Black steel panel, roll-up overhead door in custom Valentine Red, recessed foyer in custom D.O.T. Yellow


metallic copper pole barn
Lester Buildings Project # 512452: Metallic Copper on roof, White Sand on walls

Other Pole Barn Accessories

Once you’ve decided your building’s fundamental specs like height, length and width, the fun can really begin. In addition to the features highlighted above, your options also include:

Multiple Stories

A particularly important consideration if you have large storage needs and live in an urban community with accessory building footprint restrictions.

two story porch
Lester Buildings Project # 601593: 60′ x 64′ x 18′ with a 24′ wide x 12′ deep two-story porch


two story pole barn
Lester Buildings Project # 512270: 44′ x 70′ x 17′ with 2nd story

Roof Styles

Pitch isn’t the only consideration when it comes to making your roof stand out from the ordinary. Choose from gambrel for a traditional, agricultural feel; flying gables for a great roof design; or monitor roof for added daylight.

gambrel roof
Lester Buildings Project # 115813: Gambrel roof


monitor roof eave light flying gable
Lester Buildings Project # 118623: Monitor roof and translucent eave allow natural light inside, flying gable building peak over the bale door

Deep Fascia Overhangs

Should you want extra shading or just like the look of them!

deep fascia
Lester Buildings Project # 115659: Deep facia overhangs


For added light and space.

Lester Buildings Project # 217680: Four dormers decorated with gridded windows and shutters


two dormers
Lester Buildings Project # 218394: two dormers with gridded windows

Fiber Cement Board Siding

In some areas, ordinances frown upon traditional pole barn metal siding. To comply, customers often opt for fiber cement board siding, such as HardiPlank, which looks like wood.

hardiboard siding
Lester Buildings Project # 313423: Asphalt shingles, Hardie board siding, brick wainscot


lap siding
Lester Buildings Project # 218867: Horizontal lap siding, tile shingles

Start Designing!

If you’re looking for a design that’s as unique as you are, browse through our photo gallery to get ideas for how to dress up your new pole barn.