4 Steps to Repair Pole Barn Damage

Severe weather and accidental damage are unfortunate mishaps that may occur to your building during your lifetime. Whether it was an “act of God” or human error, your structure needs to be repaired.
Lester provides superior structural integrity by engineering and sourcing a complete building system. We meet or exceed your local building wind and snow code requirements. With a Lester building, all components are engineered as a complete package to ensure maximum strength and durability. It is important to learn the difference of an engineered pole barn versus a building with engineered components.

Storm damage is one of the most common types of pole barn repair as some weather events may exceed what the building is designed for. We often hear about trees falling on buildings or other debris blowing into structures. Metal buildings hold up very well to hail, but large hail may cause dents or other damage.
There are a few steps that you will want to take after a severe weather event:
  1. Assess your Building. From the outside look at the foundation, walls, roof, doors, and windows. If no noticeable damage is visible from the outside, take look inside your building. Document any damage with photos and make sure to note the incident date.
  2. Contact your Lester Dealer or Representative. They will assess your site and evaluate any concerns you may have and pricing options for the repairs will follow. Some things may qualify to be repaired under Lester’s Lifetime Structural Warranty.
  3. Contact your Insurance Company. Your insurance agent will walk you through the steps to file a claim. Once that is complete, a claims adjuster will conduct an assessment. There is no problem contacting your insurance or Lester dealer/rep first, however if you prefer, your Lester dealer/rep will be able to provide you with pricing prior to contacting your insurance company in the event there is minor damage you want repaired without filing an insurance claim.
  4. Schedule Repairs. Once the claim is settled, your insurance will send you a check for repairs and you may contact your Lester dealer/rep to schedule your repairs with confidence.

Here are a few tips you may want to consider to help prevent damage from occurring to your building:
  • If you know inclement weather is coming, be sure all the doors on your structure are closed and secure. This includes overhead doors, sliding doors and walk doors. Your building is designed to wind values with the doors closed. If your doors are open during a high wind event, you are more likely to have damage occur to your structure.
  • Ensure you have the coverage you need for your building with the ever-changing costs of materials and labor. Have your insurance review your structure every few years. A Lester dealer/rep can provide some general insight as to what replacement costs would be to help you secure the coverage you need.
  • Something to remember is that your building is designed to meet specific wind and snow load requirements. This does not factor for additional weight you may add after the building has been constructed, such as hanging or storing anything from the trusses.

We understand the importance of returning your post frame building to its original state after unfortunate events. If you have damage done from inclement weather, or would like to repair an issue, contact your local Lester Buildings dealer or representative.