Discover The Many Benefits of a Pole Barn Home

Whether it’s a home, a combination home shop, a pole barn home or a residential pole building, the choices you make regarding the construction of your new home are important. If you’ve shopped at all in today’s market, you’ve no doubt run across post-frame construction as an option. This guide will provide you with the major benefits of choosing post-frame construction for your new home and why it may be a better option for you.

Let’s begin.

Fast, Efficient Construction

When you finalize the plans for your new home, you want to see that concept brought to life as quickly as possible. Post-frame construction utilizes a pre-engineered system that allows your builder to erect the structure quickly. In many cases an experienced team can have a 2,500-square-foot building closed in within three or four days, perfect for new construction or an expansion to an existing residence. Steel roofing and siding is also faster to apply than traditional home exteriors.

Beautiful, Versatile and Custom

The quick build of a post-frame construction home doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice options. In fact, the opposite is true. Post-frame construction provides tremendous flexibility, particularly in your home’s interior design. This is because there is no need to rely on interior posts or load bearing walls for structural support.

The result is an open floor plan with limitless custom design options to create a beautiful, warm living space that is uniquely you.

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Built to Last

All Lester Buildings are designed to meet local snow and wind loads. Backed by a Lifetime Structural Warranty, Lester Buildings are built to last a lifetime.

Energy Efficient

When you choose a post-frame construction option, your builder will employ a commercial-grade solution that features a vented attic and overhangs, and your builder will never compress your insulation. Instead, post-frame construction features a balanced air system that not only saves you money on your heating and cooling expenses, but helps you keep your building comfortable in any weather.

Budget Friendly

Post-frame construction projects save you money in a number of ways. Compared to a traditionally framed home, labor and materials typically cost less for a Lester Buildings post-frame home.

Additionally, you’ll also save money due to its quick construction. Because there is no need for interior posts or load bearing walls, adding or removing walls or even adding a second floor (depending on the height of the frame) is much easier and more cost effective than with a traditional home.

The money you save on a project isn’t always measured on the initial buy. The best part is that, over time, it costs less to maintain steel compared to traditional siding and asphalt or cedar shingles.

Getting Started

If you’re interested in learning more about your building options and to see if post-frame construction is the right choice for you, we can help. Contact us today to learn how we can help you build the perfect building to match your needs. You can also view our photo gallery to see projects we’ve already brought to life.