Pole Barn Paint Options

Quick – Think of a barn. What color do you see?
Chances are, you answered “red.”
However, today there are countless options when it comes to the color of your pole barn building – from the dark reds of a traditional barn to soothing neutrals for residential settings and bold color statements for the adventurer in all of us!
Choosing pole barn colors is a fun step in the construction process. But there is more to paint than just the color. Selecting the right pole barn paint adds to your building’s long- lasting beauty.  
First, let’s look at what type of paint is on a pole barn. Because they’re made of steel, one does not grab a bucket of paint and brush it on. Rather, the paint is baked onto the metal during a manufacturing process that ensures your building’s color will last far longer than traditional house paint. And, while there are lots of choices among types of paint, Lester Buildings offers two systems, each of which comes with an outstanding warranty and provides extra protection against environmental conditions such as ultraviolet rays, humidity, as well as general wear and tear. A majority of the colors in these two systems also meet Energy Star’s “Cool Roof” reflectivity standards!

Lester Building with WeatherXL

Lester Building featuring WeatherXL® walls and roof.
  Lester Building with WeatherXL
Lester Building featuring WeatherXL® walls and roof.

Valspar Weather XL® Silicone Modified Polyester (SMP)

Offering the best value combining durability at a lower price, Weather XL is standard on all exterior panels. It’s a two-coat metal paint system that provides resistance to scratching, chalking, fading and weathering.

Lester Building Brewery with Fluropon Roof
Lester Building featuring Fluropon® roof and WeatherXL® walls.

Valspar Fluropon® Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF)

A premium option recommended for increased fade protection, especially for dark-colored roofs. This paint system is formulated to meet the industry’s highest standards, which results in a coating that is beautiful, long-lasting and environmentally responsible.

Your pole barn is a permanent investment; your paint choices should have staying power, too. Weather XL and Fluropon are both manufactured by Sherwin Williams, which has been the exclusive paint provider for Lester Buildings for more than 30 years. Our long-term partnership, coupled with Sherwin-Williams' 150+ years of coating experience brings a proven track record of quality, integrity and dependability.

Now, let’s have some fun selecting colors! Take a look at our photo gallery to see the extensive range of colors, sheens and special effects to achieve nearly any look you dream of.

“Paint 101”

 Want to know more about pole barn paint? Here’s a quick primer.
Definitions of Paint Characteristics:
  • Film Integrity: Paint that pulls away from the surface – peeling, checking, cracking
  • Chalk: Chalk-like powder caused by weather elements breaking down the paint resin
  • Fade: The change in paint color over time (lighter or darker)
  • Red Rust: Rust that can form on cut edges if the galvanizing layer fails

Lester Building’s Warranty - Years of Coverage
Paint System Film Chalk Fade Red Rust
WeatherXL 40 30 30 5-10
Fluropon 35 30 30 5